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edge polisher

Yuxiang is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of Stone cutting machine, such as edge polishers, edge polishing machine, marble edge polisher, diamond edge polishing, edge polishing pad, diamond edge polisher, stone polisher, straight edge polisher, granite edge polisher, stone edge grinding machine.

Adopting liquid-immersed roller path, frequency conversion and variable speed, this edge polisher with the characters of stable performance and high precision. Edge polishing machine can be used for processing all kinds of special shapes, including curve and beeline shape and cutting different sized and thickness of new-shaped of granite and marble, such as profile, edge on granite or marble and every kind of natural stone. So Edge polishers are used for profiling, gauging, smoothing, polishing the straight and contoured edges. The switchboard on the Edge polishing machine, with operation buttons, programmer and liquid crystal display on it, is mounted on the middle side of the machine. The switchboard make operator easily to control the machine from the sawing area when the stone is being positioned. The head of marble edge polisher can perform 360º rotation, and is equipped with a quick mounting system for clamping and grinding wheels as well as extension supporting rack. In line with the greater trend to automation, the most recent edge polisher models have numerical control. With combination structure, rotatable cutting head and oil-immersed sealed rails, function of the edge polishers are stable, processing the precision, can process various abnormal shape lace.