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Thin tile cutting machine
Main motor power kW 4
Diamond belt length mm 6000
Flywheel diameter mm 900
Cutting thickness mm 3-10
Max cutting width mm 600
Overall dimensions mm 2900 × 2700 × 1700

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This series of granite cutting machine or marble cutting machine is applicable for the thin tile cutting and ceramic processing. The main body structure of thin tile cutting machine is designed rationally and has high hardness, which effectively ensures the durability and firmness, and impact and vibration resistance, especially the dynamic head can provide enormous torque, thus promoting the operation efficiency. With special tension device, the thin tile cutting machine can automatically adjust the tension of the blade according to material property, so that to prolong its service life; with frequency control, the bogie runs steadily and has less risks of damage. There are many specialities of thin tile cutting machine: Easy to adjust the cutting width; Heat-treated alloy steel bottom spindle cutter; Tensility can be controlled automatically with magnetic powder arrester; Let-off with photoelectricity (petrol type) deviation rectifying system (high precision); Handwheel adjusts the takeup unit around both sides of base materials; Can stop automatically with figure displaying meter and yard machine; The main drive gears adopt electric decelerator machine, controlling the speed by frequency conversion; Wrap-up centre with double-friction drive; Let-off key gas rising axis and wrap-up tile gas rising axis ensure the coiling quality of the wrap-up coil in different width. With frequency control, the thin tile cutting machine runs steadily and has less risks of damage.