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Automatic edge polishing machine

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The main body structure of automatic edge polishing machine is designed rationally and has high hardness, which effectively ensures the durability and firmness, and impact and vibration resistance, especially the dynamic head can provide enormous torque, thus promoting the operation efficiency. Automatic edge polishing machine adopted advanced PLC automatic-control profile-modeling system, frequency conversion technology, oil-immersion type sealed guide rail, fully automatic control, and computer automatic tracking. This stone polishing machine is dexterous and original design, well face connect after processing line, high manufacture efficiency. The blade makes latitudinal automatic leftward or rightward movements along with the patter rail and electro-optic probe to implement cutting. The whole stone polisher is novel in design, elegant in shape, compact in structure, stable in performance and high in work efficiency. Automatic edge polishing machine featured solid structure, fast cutting, less power consumption, high capability, stable performance and low failure rate. The automatic edge polishing machine is particularly applicable for processing all kinds of different sized and thickness of stone edges and special shapes, including curve and beeline shape and profile, edge on granite or marble and every kind of natural stone.