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column slab cutting machine

This machine is for cutting column slab.The geometrical frame makes it absence of vibration and considerable wear resistance.The optimized electrical system and dynamic system result in high working efficiency and low cost.

Max. cutting diameter mm 2000
Max. cutting height mm 1400
Worktable stroke mm 3000
Cutting linear speed m/s 15-18
Cutting feed mm/min 0-170
Main motor power kW 22
Water consumption m3/h 6
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 6500×3000×4000

Yuxiang is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of Stone cutting machine, such as column slab cutting machine, gantry cutting machine, bridge cutting machine, granite column, marble column, column seat, stone cutting machine, marble cutting machines, granite cutting machine, cap-shape cutting machine.

This gantry cutting machine is applicable for cutting various complex architectural revolution bodies like column slab or processing different sized and thickness new-shaped of granite and marble including column seats, column caps and columns and every kind of natural stone. With microcomputer control system and optical fiber measuring and monitoring system, Gantry cutting machine is provided with unique cap-shape. The geometrical frame makes column slab cutting machine absence of vibration and considerable wear resistance. The optimized electrical system and dynamic system result in high working efficiency and low cost, when use the column slab cutting machine.

The head of column slab cutting machine can perform 360º rotation, and is equipped with a quick mounting system for clamping and grinding wheels as well as extension supporting rack. Bridge cutting machine overcomes the problems such as high material consumption and low precision in manual processing. Column slab cutting machine is convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to comfortable and safe operations