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Gantry Cutting Machine

This machine is for cutting granite and marble blocks.The gantry frame makes it high precise and absence of vibrations.

Max. cutting length mm 3000
Max. cutting width mm 1500
Max. cutting height mm 850
Max. blade diameter mm 2000
Main motor power kW 22
Water consumption m3/h 6
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 6000×4700×6000
Approximate weight kg 7000

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Gantry Cutting Machine is of girder rise and fall type structure, and imported frequency converter is used to conduct stepless speed adjustment. The gantry frame makes it high precise and absence of vibrations. The main spindle box of Gantry Cutting Machine moves right and left along the double-V type guide rail on the crossbeam. The cutting table can rotate in 360°degrees. With electromechanical integrated design, this Gantry Cutting Machine is reasonable in structure, high in rigidity, stable in performance. Adopting dual columns, crossbeam lifting system and dual-axis spindle box, the granite cutting machine can fulfill cutting task in one time and dispense with the need for discharging the slabs when processing large blocks. When cutting normal slabs, the machine can also work with the load of 3 bigger blades and 3 smaller blades.

The Gantry Cutting Machine is a granite cutting machine or marble cutting machine, which is an ideal set of equipment for processing large granite and marble blocks or plates and shaped plates with excellent quality. It is convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to comfortable and safe operations.