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single blade gang saw

This machine is for refitting and cutting of marble block

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Adopting overseas advanced technology, this single blade gang saw is a marble gang saw and can be applicable for refitting and cutting of marble block with high efficiency. Diamond gang Saw does not make any noise during running, and install underground screws not required. This single blade gang saw is consisted of a heavy and well balanced fly wheel suitable for adjusting alternatives movements. The shaft of the fly wheel is made by special high endurance steel, mounted on proper pedestal boxes with antifriction bearings. The system ensures the gradual starting of flywheel with easy and smoothness. This large workpiece, that is single blade gang saw, is incorporate on structure, it easy to transit, and convenient to install and adjust, can be put directly on the ground, thus increasing the processing stability and saving machine maintenance costs greatly. The Heavy Diamond gang Saw frame is designed to withstand tension load all stresses and vibrations possible during operation so that the as made geometry frame for an efficient and distortion free cutting of slabs. Single blade gang saw is convenient and efficient in operation, helpful for environmental protection and energy saving, and beneficial to comfortable and safe operations.