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gyroidal stone cutting machine

This machine is for cutting stylobate,column,Pyramid column and ball in large scale.     
 Max cutting height:1000mm/Max cutting diameter:4000mm
 Main motor power:11kW/Total power:13.6kW/Water consumption:4m3/h

Yuxiang is a specialized manufacturer & exporter of Stone cutting machine, such as gyroidal stone cutting machine, cutting stylobate, granite column, pyramid column, marble ball, gantry cutting machine, marble cutting machine, marble cutter, cross cutting machine, cutting wheel.

With microcomputer control system and optical fiber measuring and monitoring system, the gyroidal stone cutting machine is applicable for cutting various revolution bodies including stylobate, granite column, pyramid column and marble ball in large scale. Gyroidal Stone Cutting Equipment is electrical centralized switchboard grouping all functions and supervisions of the machine and features stable working, easy operation, high processing quality and high efficiency. The switchboard on the Gyroidal Stone Cutting Machine, with operation buttons, programmer and liquid crystal display on it, is mounted on suspender in right hand side of the machine. The switchboard make operator easily to control the Gyroidal Stone Cutting Machine from the sawing area when the stone is being positioned. This cutting stylobate overcomes the problems such as high material consumption and low precision in manual processing and cuts the stones automatically according to the sectional view.

Gyroidal Stone Cutting Machine works by automatic tracking according to the sectional view. With frequency control, the machine featured stable working, easy operation, high processing quality and high efficiency and has less risks of damage.