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restoring line

Yuxiang is a leading producer & exporter of series of stone machines, such as restoring line, curb stone machine, stone grinding machine, bridge cutting machine, paving stone forming machine, stone cutting machine, marble trimming machine, marble frame saw machine, gantry cutting machine.

Restoring line is featured extremely economical, minimum initial investment, small energy loss, low operating expense and strong ability to restore stone line. The main body structure of restoring line is long rolling line, and it is designed rationally and has high hardness, which effectively ensures the durability and firmness, and impact and vibration resistance, thus promoting the operation efficiency. Curb stone machine is convenient and efficient in operation, superb reliability, high efficiency, and supplying stable and reliable low-temperature heat exchange fluid. Stone grinding machine is all-automatic control, a few operators needed, design of low breakdown rate, and small maintenance expense. Restoring line can improve environmental protection, reducing energy loss and lessening discharge of greenhouse gas. The application of restoring line is to roll and pass stone lines.