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Polishing machine for slab

The No.of grinding and polishing head can make to order by customer.

Useful working width mm 650
Useful working thickness mm 15-50
Belt advancement speed mm/min 2770
Power of grinding head kW 22
Power of polishing head kW 7.5
Total power kW 111.5
Water consumption m3/h 15
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 10184×2445×2859

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Adopting the latest manufacturing technology and processing techniques, keeping existing merits, the stone polishing tools are made with thoroughly new design. This stone grinding machine is a polishing machine for slab. With the features of intelligent control, convenient operation, high precision, high efficiency and stable performance, the stone polishing tools are your best choice to grind and polish high-value slabs with different thickness and sizes. The control system inspects and optimizes the movement of polish head, crossbeam and belt to expert polishing. Polishing machine for slab has the polish spindle which is controlled for counterpressure by a coaxial cylinder according to the stone character. The operator could choose the required speed of crossbeam and belt by an inverter. The switchboard on the polishing machine for slab, with operation buttons, programmer and liquid crystal display on it, is mounted on the right hand side of the machine. The switchboard make operator easily to control the machine from the sawing area when the stone is being positioned. Fault diagnosis system and production data statistics makes it more humanized. This polishing machine for slab can be controlled by telephone network in long range. The No. Of grinding and polishing head can make to order by customer.