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cultural stone                      Cultural stone

Cultural stone like cultural stone tile, cultured marble tile, cultured granite can advocate the fashion of simple and exhibit the fineness of life sense, endure the trials and tests of time and space, show the sense of reality as that of natural wood texture, enjoy easiness and simply leave away from extravagance, combine the lightness and elegance of fashion tide with the pure and plain of traditional culture. Yuxiang specialize in the export of all kinds of cultural stone tile, cultured marble tile, cultured granite, cultured stone products, culture stone molds, building cultured stone, stone age culture, stone wall tile, stone mosaic tile, building material stone, building natural stone. They are widely used for ground paving, wall decoration in squares, parks, villas, courtyards, gardens, hotels and other kinds of buildings

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Yuxiang cultural stone tile, cultured marble tile, cultured granite are diversification, maximizing diversity fulfills individuality and originality, Affinity with nature architecture and based on our own developmental capacity, architectures breathe with nature. Make higher grade of quality, excels on insulation, inflammability, durability, soundproof, and sound absorption, and unchanged color doubles architectural beauty. Making environment-friendly products, keep various diseases from environmental pollution. According to different processing, cultural stone tile are polished, sub-polished, and flamed, fine picked (bush-hammered), rough picked, natural split Used for inside and outside wall decorations. Client’s drawing, pictures or samples are warmly welcomed